6 Key Takeaways from Edmonton’s 2023 Crime Report

Edmonton’s 2023 Crime Report

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The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) recently released a detailed report shedding light on the city’s safety dynamics.

Here are the seven key takeaways from the report that residents, policymakers, and law enforcement agencies need to know.

1. Overall Crime Rate Drops

One of the most encouraging findings is the 7.2% decrease in the overall crime rate.

This indicates that fewer crimes were committed in Edmonton compared to the previous year. It’s a positive trend suggesting that efforts to reduce crime are having a tangible impact.

However, the report underscores the complexity of crime trends, where a reduction in the number of incidents does not always equate to lower crime severity.

2. Crime Severity on the Rise

Despite the drop in the overall crime rate, the crime severity index saw a 4.6% increase.

This rise in severity means that while fewer crimes are happening, the incidents that do occur are more serious.

Violent crimes, in particular, have contributed to this increase, indicating a need for continued vigilance and targeted interventions to address more severe criminal behavior.

3. Surge in Violent Crimes

Violent crime incidents rose by 6.6% in 2023. The increase includes higher rates of assaults and intimidation.

This spike in violent activities is a cause for concern and highlights the necessity for enhanced public safety measures and support for victims.

The EPS will need to focus on strategies that specifically target and mitigate violent behavior within the community.

4. Weapons-Related Incidents Increase

Incidents involving weapons saw a 9% increase, encompassing both firearms and knives.

This uptick in weapon-related crimes poses a significant threat to public safety and requires a robust response from law enforcement.

Strategies might include stricter controls on weapon possession, more thorough investigations, and community programs aimed at reducing violence.

5. Mixed Trends in Transit Crime

Mixed Trends in Transit Crime in Edmonton

Transit-related crimes present a mixed picture.

While the severity of crimes on public transit decreased by 11.3%, there was an 18.8% increase in calls for service.

The reduction in crime severity is a positive sign, suggesting that efforts to secure transit systems are effective.

However, the rise in service calls indicates that there may be other underlying issues on public transit that need addressing, such as increased public vigilance or reporting.

6. Incidents By the Numbers

Incidents By the Numbers in Edmonton

  • Failure to comply with orders: 15%
  • Shoplifting under $5,000: 10%
  • Theft from motor vehicles: 9%
  • Mischief: 7%
  • Fraud: 7%

Each of these categories saw various levels of enforcement and preventive measures, indicating the EPS’s focus areas.

Calls for Service

Calls for Service in Edmonton

  • Member-Generated Calls: There was a 21% increase in member-generated calls for service in 2024 compared to 2023. This increase highlights the proactive measures taken by EPS members in addressing potential crime incidents.
  • Transit Centers: Calls for service to LRT Stations and Transit Centres rose by 18.8%, emphasizing the need for ongoing security enhancements in these areas.


Edmonton’s 2023 crime report presents a complex picture of progress and challenges.

The overall decrease in crime rate is a positive development, but the rise in crime severity, particularly violent crime and weapon-related incidents, underscores the need for continued efforts in crime prevention and community safety.

When comparing crime rates between Vancouver and other major cities, it’s evident that Edmonton’s situation is unique in its own right, requiring tailored strategies.

The integration of technology and data-driven strategies by the EPS represents a forward-thinking approach that could serve as a model for other cities.

Through collaboration, innovation, and a focus on both prevention and enforcement, Edmonton can continue to improve public safety and quality of life for its residents.

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